Daily Devotions: October 21, 2018

Daily Devotions: October 21, 2018

October 21, 2018

Mark 10:41-45  …“But it is not so among you; but whoever wishes to become great among you must be your servant, and whoever wishes to be first among you must be slave of all.” vss. 43-44

When the other disciples found out about the request of James and John for positions of power in the coming kingdom, things did not go well and Jesus had to call a team meeting. His desires could not have been more plainly put. He’d had enough of the insider power struggle and tells them to be servants and slaves. Through the years, millions of his followers have taken his words to heart. We see such souls in our congregations. The last thing they want is to be noticed or asked to be on the church council. All they want to do is serve in whatever way they can, the more humble the position the better. They don’t care about recognition or acclaim, it’s enough for them to be able to reach out in love to people in need. And it’s not a show! They honestly want to walk in the way of Jesus, giving their lives for others, as long as they live. Occasionally they’re called into the spotlight and recognized for their faithful labor. But it’s not their favorite thing, and we can see them grimace in embarrassment and try to fade into the background as quickly as they can. Will they ever get the reward they deserve? Not always, but that’s okay with them. Their spiritual blessings are priceless!

Thought for the Day: What are the blessings of servanthood?


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