Daily Devotions

Daily Devotions

So teach us to count our days that we may gain a wise heart.” vs. 12

Psalm 90:7-8, 12

To be alive in this spectacular universe is a great blessing no matter how long or how short our lives may be. But it is also acknowledged that there is value in having a long life. In fact, some people adopt healthy lifestyles in order to increase their odds of living longer. They’ll willingly give up artificial sweeteners and carbs in hopes of achieving triple digits. And as long as our minds and bodies retain at least some measure of agility, those platinum years can bring great joy. The psalmist prays that with the added days we would also gain a wise heart. Obviously that’s a worthy intention, but we all know that getting old doesn’t guarantee wisdom. We all know folks who are just as foolish as seniors as they ever were in their youth. If we do want wisdom in our elder years, it is important to treat each day as a gift and relish every hour as an opportunity for learning and service. Many of us have lived longer than we ever expected and are still feeling vital and alive. What a blessing it is when we can learn from the Lord and become known in our faith communities for our wisdom! The constancy of our faith and the serenity of our lives provides a continual witness to the goodness of God and the joy of living.

Thought for the Day: How did I get to be so wise?


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