Daily Devotions

Daily Devotions

I still have many things to say to you, but you cannot bear them now.” vs. 12

John 16:8-15

While the situation is certainly different, Jesus sounds very much like a savvy parent as he says good-bye to the disciples and sends them off into the world. He could have said a lot more to them, but they wouldn’t understand until they had lived into a place where their ears would be opened. Some of us have had the same experience with our children as they leave home and head off into an uncertain future. There is so much we could tell them, but we knew we’d only be wasting our breath. Like Jesus we have to trust that the Spirit of truth would become their guide and that their future choices and decisions would be undergirded by divine wisdom. Sometimes, rarely perhaps, they might bless us by checking in for advice. There are just so many unknowns as we consider the road that lies before us–and that’s true at any age. And few have self-contained answers for every future situation. It’s good to know that the Spirit of Jesus is always lurking at the edge of our consciousness, and that we’ll never be left without a rudder in stormy and difficult times. And even as we enter our golden years, we’ll retain the ability to learn and do new things. Many times we’ll even surprise ourselves!

Thought for the Day: How did I feel when I left home the first time?


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