Daily Devotions: June 9, 2019

Daily Devotions: June 9, 2019

June 9, 2019

For full passage click: John 14:15-19 …“In a little while the world will no longer see me, but you will see me; because I live, you also will live.” vs. 19

The man, Jesus of Nazareth, did not have a long life. Hostile powers conspired to torture and kill him while he was, by our standards, a young man. But death could not contain him, and his followers soon reported his continuing presence. “He’s alive,” they proclaimed to all who would listen, and spurred on by the power of his Spirit, they went with the good news throughout the world. And that’s not the end of the story. Jesus the Christ, the Alpha and the Omega, is visible in our world today. Though his presence is obscured for many by the powers of darkness, he can be seen wherever loving is the order of the day. He is alive; indeed he is the vital source of life for countless persons all over the world. His followers continue to walk in his ways, standing with the poor and oppressed, bringing hope and comfort to all who despair. The Church is not just another do-gooder organization, it is the living and breathing presence of the Christ for the world today! The world may not know him or see him, but it is profoundly affected by the power of his Spirit and his unquenchable love. Jesus didn’t have a long life, but his influence will last until the close of the age. Thus proclaims the Spirit of Truth!

Thought for the Day: What does Pentecost mean for me?


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