Daily Devotions: June 6, 2020

Daily Devotions: June 6, 2020

June 6, 2020

Matthew 28:16-17 … “Now the eleven disciples went to Galilee, to the mountain to which Jesus had directed them. When they saw him, they worshiped him; but some doubted.” vss. 16-17

Right at the end of his Gospel, after his long account of Jesus’ teaching and ministry, having reported the resurrection and an angel visitation, Matthew says that some of the eleven had doubts. While he doesn’t mention what the doubts were, he does imply that the doubters were among the worshippers, and that they too were sent out to teach and to baptize. Whatever we make of Matthew’s inclusion, we will have to acknowledge that this is some of the best news ever! Whether he intended to or not, with these few words Matthew addresses one of our major issues as believers, and lets us know that doubts are not a barrier to full inclusion in the community of faith. If some of the disciples wondered as they stood with Jesus on the mountaintop, we should not be surprised if we start questioning stuff as we sit and listen to sermons. As far as the doubt-faith-continuum is concerned, it’s highly unlikely that any of us will ever be at the one hundred percent believing end. Even Mother Theresa wrote in her letters that during the height of her ministry she was wracked by unbelief. What should we do with our doubts? The first step is to recognize that it’s not an either-or-situation! Doubts will likely always be present, and we’ll still be used to shine forth the Light of Christ.

Thought for the Day: Where am I on the doubt-faith continuum?


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