Daily Devotions: January 4, 2020

Daily Devotions: January 4, 2020

January 4, 2020

For full passage click:  John 1:10-14  …  “He was in the world, and the world came into being through him; yet the world did not know him.” vs. 10

It’s been hard for the world to distinguish the Christ. We’ve imagined that God is totally separate from the universe, off in some place called heaven, and that things on earth have been left up to human discretion. Even though all things came into existence through Christ and contain the mark of the Divine Presence, the eyes of many have been blinded to the signs of that Presence, and they’ve chosen to live in darkness. According to John, writing at the close of the first century, that was the great tragedy of Jesus’ life. Most of the people who encountered him failed to acknowledge that he was Christ. They failed to recognize the Word that had become flesh in him. In our day, the situation has changed a bit. There are many in the world who have come to believe that Jesus was the Christ and the religion that they’ve invented has come to dwarf Judaism, the religion of John and Jesus. But even when people call themselves Christians, they often miss the dynamic, living presence of the Word-become-Flesh in their homes and neighborhoods. Jesus Christ cannot be confined to an article of the Creed–he’s more than a historical presence. As John puts it, he’s in the world now, and blessed are those who see and know him!

Thought for the Day: Where and when can I expect to see the Christ today?


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