Daily Devotions

Daily Devotions

For dominion belongs to the LORD, and he rules over the nations. To him, indeed, shall all who sleep in the earth bow down; before him shall bow all who go down to the dust, and I shall live for him.” vss. 28-29

Psalm 22:25-31

The psalmist had an expansive sense of the Lord’s dominion. In his estimation no part of the universe was outside God’s control and rule. Even all the people who had died, all those who slept in the earth were subjects of the Lord–it’s almost like the psalmist had a sense of what we might call “universal salvation.” But what really catches our attention is what he says about himself. No matter what has happened to others, he proudly says, “I shall live for him!” Wow! Talk about an Easter affirmation! Even though Christ is risen from the dead and we also have the promise of life beyond life, blessed are those who are bold enough to say, “I am going to live for the Lord now! I am going to serve and love in the name of Jesus all the days of my life, and I am going to see resurrection hope in every single day that remains for me on this earth.” It is a blessing to see people who live each day in this fashion. Joy oozes from their being, and love flows from their pores! They are alive! And no one is going to mistake them for the zombies who wander among us. Resurrection is real and it awaits us with every morning breath.

Thought for the Day: How do people know that I am joyful?


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