Daily Devotions

Daily Devotions

Why do you make me see wrong-doing and look at trouble? Destruction and violence are before me; strife and contention arise.” vs. 3

 Habakkuk 1:1-4

Twenty-four-hour news channels have made it possible for people to know everything that goes on in the world at any given moment, and many are overwhelmed by the stories of destruction and violence that they hear and see. Some have reacted by turning off the news and starting to watch the Hallmark Channel. The strife and contention is too much for them, and because they feel powerless to make a difference, it’s just easier to retreat. Habakkuk, one of the prophets of Judah, felt much the same way. He didn’t want to deal with wrong-doing and trouble, and he complained to God when called to speak truth to power. Even those who want to be involved and engaged are finding it easy to be discouraged. Of course this isn’t anything new–every generation has had its share of ugliness, prejudice, and hate. There seems to be no limit on our capacity to dehumanize and inflict cruelty on the other. And now that the purveyors of lies have the internet at their disposal, we’re being overwhelmed by falsehoods and deceit, and justice itself is being perverted. So what do followers of Jesus do? Well, sticking our heads in the sand may be tempting, but he said, “Love your enemies, and pray for them,” and even if that doesn’t seem like much, it will be enough. Love conquers all!

Thought for the Day: How do I feel when I watch the news?


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