Daily Devotions

Daily Devotions

And he believed the Lord; and the Lord reckoned it to him as righteousness.” vs. 6

Genesis 15:1-6

Abraham’s response to God’s promise of many descendants was picked up by Paul as a proof that salvation comes through faith and not through obedience to the Law. Abraham didn’t have much going for him according to the scriptures. He never did settle down, was unbelievably cruel to the mother of his first son, and a big-time liar while he lived in Egypt. But he did trust God, and ultimately, that’s what he is remembered for. For most it’s a huge consolation to know that God hasn’t made perfection a requirement for entrance into the peaceable kingdom. We come as we are into the arenas of God’s grace, knowing full well that we’ve screwed up massively in the span of our lives, but still trusting that in Christ we are included under the mantle of unconditional love. Sometimes we wonder about those who do not believe, who for one reason or another have rejected God’s promises. Some even deny the existence of God. It’s so important to remember that such persons are loved by God–they too have been created in God’s image–God’s love is imprinted in their genes from birth. And that never ends. Even when we don’t believe God’s promises, God continues to believe in us. And believe it or not that’s good news for us all! It’s just sad when people don’t know that!

Thought for the Day: How strong is my faith?


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