Daily Devotions

Daily Devotions

For the ransom of life is costly, and can never suffice, that one should live on forever and never see the grave.” vss. 8-9

Psalm 49:1-12

This psalmist, like the Teacher of Ecclesiastes, has accumulated a fair bit of wisdom in the course of his life, and he passes on an important oft-forgotten truth. No one lives forever, no matter how much money they might have! For him this knowledge brought peace and a freedom from fear and anxiety. He would be content with however many years he lived–the length of his days wasn’t anything for him to worry about. No amount of stress would extend his lifespan one bit. Of course it’s easier to say these things than to take them to heart. Sometimes it seems as though we are obsessed with living longer. Some spend exorbitant amounts of money in their last days just to wring out a few more months. In one way this is a testimony to the precious nature of life–it is arguably our most valuable possession. And in some instances it seems we have been able to slow the aging process. Many are living happily into their nineties and beyond. But not all! For some the golden years bring painful decline, depression, and loneliness. But still we try! We hang on to life with all our might! Still, that doesn’t mean we need to become death deniers. Healthy living means preparing for death, and trusting that in Christ it is not the end!

Thought for the Day: What am I doing to extend my years?


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