Daily Devotions

Daily Devotions

He will glorify me, because he will take what is mine and declare it to you.” vs. 14

John 16:14-15

Jesus had given the disciples a mission, to love as they had been loved, and he had given them the Holy Spirit as a guide. And because the world was so tumultuous and the challenges so great, in those early years they relied heavily on the daily guidance of that Spirit. Now that isn’t as easy as it sounds. There were dozens of options for them, and they could have led the Church in many different directions. But Jesus had told them that the Spirit of Truth would always glorify him, so whatever new thing they imagined would have to be consistent with his teachings. And that’s still the Church’s operating principle as it faces today’s challenges. Whatever decisions are made, whatever new ideas are considered, if we’re going to continue being the Church of Christ, it’s essential to maintain our Jesus connections. Because if we lose Jesus in our rush to be on the cutting edge and properly progressive, we will have ceased to be his Church. We’ll be something, but we won’t be the Church of Christ unless Jesus can be clearly seen in all that we say and do. Of course it isn’t always easy to figure those things out. Sometimes we can wander down the path of change for quite a distance and then discover that we can’t see Jesus anymore. That’s a Spirit moment, and a reminder to return to the Way. It’s how the Spirit keeps the Church alive!

Thought for the Day: How is Jesus glorified in my congregation?


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