Daily Devotions

Daily Devotions

They began to accuse him, saying, ‘We found this man perverting our nation, forbidding us to pay taxes to the emperor, and saying that he himself is the Messiah, a king.’” vs. 2

Luke 23:1-12

The accusations against Jesus were baseless and contrived, and they were made by the chief religious authorities of the Jewish people in order to get the backing of the Roman governor. And they knew the charges were false–they had made them up to get rid of Jesus! It’s always disappointing when we see religious leaders abandoning the truth in pursuit of their own interests. And it continues to happen! Even today religious leaders of all stripes embrace the lies of politicians in order to further their own position and standing. The atrocities in Ukraine have been judged by church leaders as a fitting response to the immoral influences of Western nations. The killing of the innocent is called a purging of evil. All around we see pastors waving the flag of nationalism and merging political and religious doctrines in their preaching and teaching. And amid all of the accusations and controversy, just as he did 2000 years ago, Jesus Christ still speaks truth to power and stands with the hurting and the suffering. All around we see his legions making their presence known, binding up wounds, comforting the grieving, and working for justice and peace. His people may not win the day, but we know that in them, the love of Christ will triumph.

Thought for the Day: Why do religious leaders embrace nationalism?


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