Daily Devotions

Daily Devotions

Psalm 147:12-20 “He sends out his command to the earth; his word runs swiftly. He gives snow like wool; he scatters frost like ashes. He hurls down hail like crumbs— who can stand before his cold?” vss. 15-17

In Genesis we learn that all things came into existence by the word of God–”and God spoke, and it was good.” The psalmist picks up that theme and describes the word as the agent of creation–even the snows and frosts of winter are by God’s command. In the gospel of John we learn further that this word, present in creation and the maker of all things, became flesh in the person of Jesus. In other words, the Word of God, also known as the Christ or Messiah, permeates all things and is the presence of God in the Universe. For many of us it’s a real stretch to think of God in this very biblical way. We’ve gotten used to dualistic thinking and are accustomed to keeping God in heaven, safely away from involvement in earthly things. Oh, we do allow that Jesus came down from heaven for a short visit to tell us about God, but then he went back again as soon as it could be arranged. But the truth is that God is inextricably mixed with all that is and all that will be. There is no place in the universe where God is not present and accessible. God was most certainly present in Jesus, the Word, and God is also present in each of us. Our God is greater than we can ever possibly imagine.

Thought for the Day: When am I most aware of God’s presence?


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