Daily Devotions

Daily Devotions

John 1:6-8 “He came as a witness to testify to the light, so that all might believe through him.” vs. 7

On the surface John’s mission seems strange! He was sent to testify to the light…but why would light need anyone to testify to it? Shouldn’t everyone just be able to see it and know that it was light? Light is self-evident–when it’s present everyone knows it, or so it would seem! But the Gospel is giving us a deeper message. Sometimes the light is not self-evident, and needs to be pointed out, and that’s the way it is with the Christ. When Jesus came to his own as the Light of the world they didn’t see the light–they only saw the carpenter’s son, someone they’d known all their lives. Jesus needed an identifier, someone who could say that he was the Lamb of God, and that was John’s job. That’s still how it is. Often Christ appears in darkness, and in the night of our lives, even as we’re suffering, we get a glimpse of Divine Love, and we are enlightened. Some live among the religious and don’t have a clue about the Christ, while others live among sinners and have regular encounters with the Light. Fortunately there are plenty of Johns in our world, people who will testify to the presence of the Christ, and maybe we can do that too. All it takes is a willing heart, and sharing a word of hope in hopeless times!

Thought for the Day: Who has been a John for me?


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