Daily Devotions

Daily Devotions

Yet he commanded the skies above, and opened the doors of heaven; he rained down on them manna to eat, and gave them the grain of heaven.” vss. 23-24

Psalm 78:23-29

The psalmist believed that the stories passed down about the wilderness experiences of Israel demonstrated the Lord’s faithfulness in every circumstance. Even when the newly freed slaves complained bitterly about the lack of water and food, the Lord did not respond in anger, but generously provided for all their needs. Not only did water spring forth from rocks, but the skies opened and manna, the bread of heaven, poured down like rain. The psalmist probably thought that if the people could be reminded of God’s goodness, they would reform their lives and live in grateful obedience. Of course it didn’t work that way–it never does! Too often the vivid lessons of the past are wasted on the children of tomorrow. They say that history is boring and irrelevant and then go on to repeat the tragic mistakes of those who have gone before. It’s enormously difficult to break out of that pattern, but thankfully, some do. They eagerly devour the stories of their ancestors, learn from them, and begin to walk in ways that make for justice and peace. That’s good news! But the best news is that God does not lose patience with us, but is always present to supply what we need for a good life. There really is no limit on our daily bread, no matter how foolishly we might behave.

Thought for the Day: What lessons has history taught me?


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