Daily Devotions

Daily Devotions

The eyes of all look to you, and you give them their food in due season. You open your hand, satisfying the desire of every living thing.” vss. 15-16

Psalm 145:15-18

The psalmist certainly had a benevolent view of God and credited the Lord for providing abundantly for every living thing. On the surface that’s a nice thought, and there are times when we will gladly echo those words of praise and thanks. And we should! There is gracious support for life of all kinds on this earth. But at other times we’re not so sure! Because of the vagaries of weather and fluctuating populations, sometimes there are famines and widespread starvation. Whole species of plants and animals become extinct–even the dinosaurs were not immune! And it’s not always because humans have messed things up, the extinctions were taking place long before we showed up! Because of such questions some might wonder about God’s benevolence and the connection between God and creation. Some of the difficulty comes from our tendency to think of God as being separate from creation, as though God is a being who daily does supply chain management for all living things. And that’s just not true! God is not separate from creation. God is all that exists–and more! That means that God is intimately present in the evolution of all things, the birthing and the dying and even the extinctions that are a natural part of existence. Nothing happens apart from God! And for that we give God praise and thanks!

Thought for the Day: What would happen if humans become extinct?


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