Daily Devotions

Daily Devotions

As the Father has loved me, so I have loved you; abide in my love.” vs.9

  John 15:9-13

To put it simply, our life in Christ is a massive love connection, with God, Jesus, and one another. God’s love began with creation, and was amplified in Jesus as a deep and potent sacrificial love, one that extends to all people. Our invitation as those drawn to Jesus is to abide in that love, to bask in it, and remain there for our entire lives and beyond. Sadly, some may have a hard time even conceptualizing what that immersion in love might be like. Love itself is an alien concept to too many! Because of our obsession with self-interest and preoccupation with satisfying our own needs, true love experiences can be rare or even non-existent. Blessed are those who know love, who have been loved, and who can show love to others! Such persons know the consolation and solace that being held in loving arms can bring. It’s where we find comfort, security, and joy–and Jesus wants that feeling to be multiplied and expanded and experienced through a lifetime. Will there be sadness in love? Of course, that’s always the way it is with sacrificial love–there’ll be separation and even death. But love will not die, because it’s rooted in the creative energies of God–and there is nothing in all the world that can separate us from that love. It truly is the most incredible gift that has ever been given–and it’s ours to enjoy in abundance.

Thought for the Day: What have been my deepest experiences of love?


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