Daily Devotions

Daily Devotions

As they were going along the road, they came to some water; and the eunuch said, ‘Look, here is water! What is to prevent me from being baptized?’”

Acts 8:32-40

The Ethiopian had been reading Isaiah 53, a passage that early Christians believed told them everything they needed to know about Jesus, which is exactly what Philip proceeded to do. By the end of Philip’s explanation the eunuch is convinced and asked to be baptized. Philip, unencumbered by denominational restrictions, does what is requested, and the eunuch went on his way rejoicing. In those exciting Spirit-filled days this is how the good news of Jesus was spread, one person at a time, and soon there were believers in all the known world. In our jaded, religion saturated times some of that enthusiasm for spreading the good news has been lost. But not always! Even now there are people who are meeting Jesus again for the first time, and as they realize what they’ve been missing they crave inclusion, and are thrilled to find out that they’re already loved by God. Like the eunuch some are baptized and it’s always a joyous affair, a time for praising God and giving thanks. Many would describe the experience as a new birth or being born again, and they hang on to the memory. It becomes part of their story, and they’ll share it whenever they can. Some say that’s what the eunuch did, and that’s how the Ethiopian Christian Church was born. And even if the eunuch didn’t, somebody did–without the sharing of stories the church would have died!

Thought for the Day: What faith origin story do I like to share?


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