Daily Devotions

Daily Devotions

Luke 17:11-19 “As he entered a village, ten lepers approached him. Keeping their distance, they called out, saying, ‘Jesus, Master, have mercy on us!’” vss. 12-13

Some of us may feel like lepers this Thanksgiving Day. Because of COVID we’ve been told that it would be best if we limited our contacts and continue to keep our distance, even in our own homes. Naturally we’ve seen this as a huge bummer. Thanksgiving is a time for gathering as friends and family for a feast of turkey and all the extras, and we don’t like to be lectured about wise behavior. But some are following the guidelines–we believe it’s the responsible thing to do. It’s what the lepers did! But from a distance they saw Jesus and cried out for mercy, and so do we. Oh how we want a return to normalcy, an end to these horrible eight months of isolation, sickness, and death. We want to be free to travel at will and mix with others without fear–such is our fervent prayer. And one day, maybe soon, the virus will be subdued, and our prayer will be answered. In the meantime we have so many reasons to give thanks. We are so blessed to be surrounded by countless persons risking their own health to keep us safe, for doctors and nurses, for all who work in care centers, for teachers doing their jobs, for scientists working on a vaccine–the list could go on and on. One leper took time to thank Jesus–today’s our chance! And we’ve got a lot to say!

Thought for the Day: For what am I most thankful today?


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