Daily Devotions

Daily Devotions

When you are disturbed, do not sin; ponder it on your beds, and be silent.” vs. 4

Psalm 4:1-4

The psalmist is here advising his enemies to think twice about the harm they might intend to do to him. Rather than simply acting on their feelings and saying something they will regret, he says they should take to their beds, consider options and then be silent. This is timeless wisdom! Many of us are plagued by runaway tongues and end up in troublesome situations purely because of our big mouths. Of course it’s not necessarily a bad thing to say what we feel and venting is often a huge relief. It’s in the timing that we make our mistakes–and many times when ugly words or thoughts are churning around in our minds, going to bed would be the wisest choice. It’s not that we’ll be able to sleep it off! God only knows that when we’re upset resting isn’t even an option. But often, alone with our thoughts and lying in the dark, we can make better decisions about the proper path forward, especially if we’ve coupled our thinking with prayer. Often the Spirit will intercede with us and we’ll be led to words of reconciliation and not division, and maybe be encouraged simply to say nothing. That’s what Jesus did before Pilate and it could be the best option for us too. Often giving a kind smile works better than getting in the last word!

Thought for the Day: When has my mouth gotten me in trouble?


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