Charitable Funds are Oxygen

Charitable Funds are Oxygen

“Spirit in the Desert is one of the most exciting and dynamic ministries of the church.” That is the informed assessment of Paul Evenson who has spent years supporting Lutheran congregations, camps, colleges and institutions.

When Paul was asked to serve a second term on Spirit in the Desert’s Board of Directors he enthusiastically said, “Yes.” He did so because he knows that the retreat center provides spiritual hospitality for guests of all people of faith.  He said, “We believe that God embraces all people of the world with love and we are called to follow this Way.” The Board benefits from Paul’s experience and expertise raising funds that are needed to support the mission of organizations like Spirit in the Desert.

Paul has enjoyed the past 30 years as a fund developer in the Lutheran church.  He is currently Gift Officer at California Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks, California and has also served as Charitable Estate Planning specialist for Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota. He was pressed into learning how to raise funds when he was the Executive Director of a camping and retreat ministry in southern California, and later as Vice President for Development at Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary, Berkeley, CA.  Paul said, “Operating funds and financial gifts are the oxygen that sustains the life of nonprofit organizations and ministries.  Without sustainable resources, the mission suffers.”

“Spirit in the Desert is not a typical conference center or a hotel,” said Paul. “It is a unique place, set apart, that provides a healing environment with open arms for people from all over the world seeking an experience of renewal and transformation.”

The yearly increase of guests attending retreats gives Paul the confidence that Spirit in the Desert is on the right path to serve even more people in the coming years. He and his colleagues on the Board are committed to assuring that future.


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