Jayne Baker

jayne bakerJayne Baker lives an active life. She said, “When doors present themselves, I walk through them. When someone says ‘Would you like to… (fill in the blank) … I usually say yes.” Jayne, an R.N., was director of surgery at a large Scottsdale hospital when Mayo Clinic of Minnesota decided to open a clinic in Arizona and asked Jayne to be their Director of Nursing.

Jayne retired in her early sixties from that position, and having recently become active in a Lutheran congregation, she decided to pursue a degree in theology and she earned a Master’s in Divinity from Pacific Lutheran Theological School in Berkley, CA. She chose to be consecrated as a diaconal minister rather than an ordained pastor. That decision keeps her focused on social justice and serving those who are lost and left behind, rather than the administration of a church organization.

Jayne has participated in various events at Spirit in the Desert. She has spoken at the popular Lutherhostel Retreat on one of her passionate issues: the maltreatment and injury incurred by persons caught in sex trafficking. She knows that Spirit in the Desert is a unique environment for people to meet for inspiration and support to make life better for others and each other. She strongly believes that the retreat center must continue to welcome and serve people of any and all faiths–or no faith, who are wanting renewal and transformation.

When asked why she continues to support Spirit in the Desert, Jayne immediately brought up the staff of the facility. She said, “The staff of the retreat center exude hospitality and care for the guests. They are committed to assuring that guests have a renewing retreat experience. The staff’s open hearts and passion for people of any means or background align with my values.”

Jayne recently returned from Spain where she was participating in Dressage: a highly skilled form of horsemanship performed in exhibition and competition. She was riding with a group along the Mediterranean coast when she came up with a serious back injury. Jayne said this injury will undoubtedly end her decades of enjoyment with a magnificent horse.

The she added, “There are doors in front of me. I plan to live a long time and I will be finding new causes and ventures by walking through those doors.”