By Allen Nohre

david and muffy tiedeI was visiting with Dr. David and Muffy Tiede on a sunny and warm November day on the patio of their home in Sun City Grand, Arizona. For many years, they have been generous supporters of Spirit in the Desert Retreat Center, and I wanted to learn what motivates them to give time and money to the Center.

David served as professor of New Testament studies and President of Luther Seminary in St. Paul, Minnesota for thirty-four years. Muffy has taught middle school and high school students and has been a director of curriculum development for schools in Minnesota. Now they divide their time between their home in Minnesota where their children and grandchildren live, and their home in Arizona, where they have friends, warm sunshine and Spirit in the Desert.

Since 2010, David has given time and leadership expertise on the Board of Spirit in the Desert, initially serving as Chair and now as a member. The board and the staff of the Center have successfully moved through some challenging times, and the Center’s future looks bright. The number of participants benefiting from the growing variety of retreats is increasing significantly.

The Tiede’s support Spirit in the Desert because people of all faiths and backgrounds experience hospitality in a retreat setting and find renewal, reconciliation, healing, and transformation.

Muffy said she is especially pleased that Spirit of the Desert can host the Healing of Memories retreat that reaches veterans and first responders who suffer from PTSD and wounded souls. She also added, “I’m happy for our good friend Bishop Howie Wennes, who in 1993, had the idea for a retreat center and now it is serving thousands of people every year.”