Steve Holm & Elaine Kraemer

Pastor Steve Holm, the creative writer of our Daily Devotions on Spirit’s website, and his wife Elaine Kraemer, are leading a trip to Jordan, Israel, and Palestine from March 5-19, 2020. They’ll be visiting Petra, Galilee, and Bethlehem in addition to the usual Holy Land sites. If you are interested check out the brochure link below and if you have questions you can contact Pastor Holm at

Imagine a vacation with Steve and Elaine-you’ll have a great time as Steven’s depth of ministry insight and down to earth humor, along with Elaine’s joyous personality! Don’t miss this opportunity to inspire your faith and give you new insights to the places where Jesus and his disciples lived and ministered. The brochure has a wonderful in-depth details for scheduling, etc. Click HERE for the brochure!