Sonoran Desert Experience…thru “lens & pen!”

Hi … I’m Cyndy Warnier, the Program & Development Director here at Spirit in the Desert. I am the shutter-bug of the photos you see on our website. I am also a lover of the desert, and along with my husband, Al who also works here and is an arborist, study the desert through my lens as well as through forums to learn about its unique flora and fauna. So, from my “lens & pen”–welcome to a “Sonoran Desert Experience!” Each month I will post an article, with pictures-of course,  about life in this beautiful and diverse desert. Birds, mammals, reptiles…even an arachnid or two, plus a variety of plants whose botany is specific to Arizona’s portion of the Sonoran Desert–and all whose existence are endangered.   Our registration lobby features many of my photos in a variety of matted sizes, as well as on 5×7 photo cards, complete with blank insides or nice mix of all-occasion prose. You can always “take away a bit of the desert” in my pictures to remind you of your stay at Spirit in the Desert Retreat Center.

A Hummingbird Experience to Close Out the Year!

Costa Hummingbird

November & December 2019

I’m going to close out this year with a new hummingbird video I made, titled Humming with Cyndy. It has a variety of photos and beautiful background piano music by Jim Brickman, ©Windham Hill Productions.

Some of the photos are courtesy of AZ Game & Fish, and USGF, plus a few friends who loved putting their pics in the video as well. As we close out this year, I can’t think of anything more JOYFUL, GRACEFUL, and DELIGHTFUL than the tiniest bird on earth! And you have to visit the Americas to see them. No hummers anywhere in the world except North America, South and Central America. Here at Spirit in the Desert we have many international folks that cannot wait to watch the tiniest bird in the world because they don’t have them where they live! We are indeed blessed in the Americas.

So, as we go into the season of gratefulness-Thanksgiving (yes, among all the Christmas decorations, etc., you may still find a few Thanksgiving napkins, tablecloths, table decorations–for sure aluminum pans for your tureky! All kidding aside, how can we not be grateful for all that we have. And for the Creator’s gift of hummingbirds—this tiny “missile” that delights our senses, drinks up our sugar, and gives us laughter in its antics? Watching them may just be more fun than “Turkey-Day Football!”

Then we go into Christmas, with sights and sounds for the season – hummingbirds are just like that as well. Each one has its own sound, bzzzz, stacatttoooo, squeagieeeee, chirp-chirp-chirp-chereeeeee, and so many more. For sights, their colors dazzle us like the colors on a Christmas tree and packages. But the good news about this “tiny package” is it’s FREE! Just hang up a feeder and enjoy! In fact, why not buy hummingbird feeders as gifts at Christmas? — now that would be a lasting gift, because these hummers need us so much. As we encroach on land, building homes and offices, their natural habitat of flowers go away. So give them a gift this Christmas – by giving others a hummingbird feeder as a gift! And if you’re a really good friend, you might even want to add some sugar!

May you and yours be blessed by the Love, Peace, Joy, and Hope that is Thanksgiving, that IS Christmas, that IS to usher in your 2020. “Rejoice! Emmanuel is with us, God has come to us, make room for the Newborn King, Hallelujah, AMEN!”

Sonoran Desert Photography with Music

by Cyndy Warnier with music by Curtis Stephan, Sarah Hart, OCP Music. CCLI  11456271

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