Sonoran Desert Experience…thru “lens & pen!”

Hi … I’m Cyndy Warnier, the Program & Development Director here at Spirit in the Desert. I am the shutter-bug of the photos you see on our website. I am also a lover of the desert, and along with my husband, Al who also works here and is an arborist, study the desert through my lens as well as through forums to learn about its unique flora and fauna. So, from my “lens & pen”–welcome to a “Sonoran Desert Experience!” Each month I will post an article, with pictures-of course,  about life in this beautiful and diverse desert. Birds, mammals, reptiles…even an arachnid or two, plus a variety of plants whose botany is specific to Arizona’s portion of the Sonoran Desert–and all whose existence are endangered.   Our registration lobby features many of my photos in a variety of matted sizes, as well as on 5×7 photo cards, complete with blank insides or nice mix of all-occasion prose. You can always “take away a bit of the desert” in my pictures to remind you of your stay at Spirit in the Desert Retreat Center.

Summer “Phenology” in July!

JULY PHENOLOGY! We discussed ‘Phenology’ in the June blog… how important environmental conditions, climate variations, etc., are to both plant and animals! For July, we will continue the Phenology theme with July in the Sonoran Desert and how this month impacts the phenology of plants and animals–and yes, we ‘homo-sapiens’ too!  The pictures below remind us of how important a good “monsoon rain season” is for the desert! However, in tracking these changes since 2008, the more land we destroy to put up homes, the more reflective glass we use in any buildings–this results in raising our heat index. The Sonoran Desert has become hotter due to human encroachment. We need to find ways to keep this in check!!

Again, using the information and a Phenology Calendar, from  “The Geography of Phenology” (GEOG696C) in the Department of Geography and Regional Development at the University of Arizona, we look at July’s impact in the Sonoran Desert. A reminder that most of this wonderful information comes from our own U of AZ–a wonderful gift!

Sonoran Desert Photography with Music

by Cyndy Warnier with music by Curtis Stephan, Sarah Hart, OCP Music. CCLI  11456271

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