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Over the years, Spirit in the Desert has created and is the host for several in-house retreats.

richard andersen

Abundant Aging Retreats

Richard Andersen, Executive Director at Spirit in the Desert offers a popular course for “3rd Chapter of Life” exploration.

Abundant Aging involves three part, which can be done in a retreat setting at Spirit in the Desert–a day retreat or for an intimate and spiritually inspiring time, have an overnight for each part. Richard will also host these retreats at your church. They are very popular!

What can you expect in in these retreats: Richard describes them like this:  “In this course we will explore what God is calling us to do in the 3rd Chapter of Life.  The course will be divided into three chapters:  In the first week we will discuss life purpose and vocation.  (This may include a review of what Martin Luther says about vocation.)  In the second week we will connect life purpose with our core values and beliefs.  How are we motivated to act on the vision God has for us?  In this session we will explore the work of the Holy Spirit and vocation.  Finally, in the third week, we will see how living our vocation (purpose, values, vision) enables us to be the body of Christ. We will examine how vocation and word and sacrament are connected. Richard invites you to come with your imagination.  Here is an opportunity to create a vision for the future.”

If you have any other questions, please contact Richard at (480) 488-5218 for more information.

cyndy warnier 2018

Creative Themes for Your Retreats!

Cyndy has created and led a variety of retreats for women, men, mixed groups, and care-givers. She can use one of her topics below for your retreat, or develop one for you with a theme you’d like. As a chaplain and musician and drama writer, her retreats have music, sketches, and inspirational exploration of topics that are relevant to us today. She also has several specialty retreats for worship leaders/choirs/praise bands/musicians.


My God Story…A Story from My Heart (great for 3rd Chapter of Life groups)

Scars … A Time of Healing & Forgiveness

NO Labels–Please…A Call to Live in Freedom! (How to kick our cultural and self-imposed labels so we can live in the freedom of God’s blessings.)

Fill My Cup Lord…Discovering God’s Blessings When We Feel Empty

Life Interrupted … Is God Interrupting Your Life for Something Better?

Practicing the Presence of God … Based on the writings of Brother Lawrence, this retreat invites us into a “habit of desiring God’s presence” in all that we do

5 Simple Things That Changes Lives … a fun time of discovery to un-clutter our lives by embracing the “simple things”

Arrested by Grace … A Journey into the Incredible & Scandalous Grace of God-or-Time to tackle the shackles we impose on God’s grace!

Come & Drink Deeply … this is a day retreat for anyone involved in care-giving, Stephen Ministries, hospice, etc. Come and drink deeply from God’s living waters through word, worship, discussion, prayer. Fill your dry sponge with a new joy to keep going on.

If you would like to know more about these retreats and others she has created -or- have Cyndy create one for you, please contact her at (480) 488-5218