Wellspring in the Desert: A Call to Be Whole

Wellspring in the Desert: A Call to Be Whole

FEBRUARY 10-15, 2023

Wellspring in the Desert: A Call to Be Whole

Reflect, rest and renew, and connect with God, self and one another in this spiritual wholeness retreat focusing on the multi-dimensional elements of wellness: spiritual, vocational, intellectual, emotional, physical, social, and financial well-being.

I have come that you may have life and have it abundantly.

John 10:10b

We are called to live as whole and holy people of God. In this Desert Sojourn Retreat we will gather, form community, and grow in our continuous journey to live whole. Participants in this spiritual wholeness retreat will explore multiple dimensions of our being, create intentional space to reflect, rest and renew, and connect with God, self and one another. The rhythm of each day will offer time to learn together, reflect and explore. Each evening we will reconnect to review our day, name where God was present in both joy and challenge. Music will invite us to slow down, and prayer will tuck us in. 

While the desert is a dry space, this wellspring seeks to create space to quench the thirst of our souls.

Spiritual retreat sponsored by Devine Coaching, Portico Benefit Services and Spirit in the Desert Retreat Center.

Spiritual Wholeness Retreat, Wholeness Wheel


This spiritual wholeness retreat references the Portico Benefit Services Wholeness Wheel which is an important learning and discernment tool.

Social/Interpersonal Well-being

We are created by God to be social beings, living in community and instructed to help and love each other. Making time to build and maintain our social well-being invites us to deeper relationship with God, self and one another. Consider your interactions, playfulness and ability to forgive.

  • Friday evening we will begin to form community. Reflecting on the poem, Where I’m From by George Ella Lyon we will be invited to share our own story of where we are from.
Vocational Well-being

We all have a calling – a vocation – to follow Christ’s example, to live a life of meaning, purpose and service to our neighbor. Our vocation is life’s work and passions, our everyday roles through which God calls us to help make this world a better place. We are invited to steward our talents and abilities and find opportunities to build and use them throughout our entire lifetime.

  • Saturday we will identify good experiences that have shaped us. In small groups we will listen and support each other to identify their top 5 strengths. We will identify our top 5 core values using a deck of cards.
Spiritual Well-being

Living a centered life focused on God affects each aspect of our well-being. Living as a whole person invites us to explore who and whose we are. Nurturing our relationship with God may occur in multiple ways – maybe through prayer, worship, nature, art, music, and/or worship.

  • Sunday we will gather for worship. We will create our spiritual autobiography and practice Sabbath keeping.
Physical Well-being

We are not all born perfectly healthy or able to live life without injury or illness, but we can live well with tending and nurturing. Honor your body as a gift from God. Feed it healthy foods, keep hydrated, build physical endurance through regular movement and respect your body’s need for rest. Our physical world includes how we care for our earth and all of creation.

  • Monday we will explore the various ways we are called to care for our body, the earth and all of creation.
Emotional/Intellectual Well-being

Being emotionally well means feeling the full range of human emotions and expressing them appropriately. Self-awareness is the first step. Recognizing and honoring our own feelings and those of others – stress, contentment, anger, love sadness, joy resentment will help us live life abundantly.

Intellectual well-being invites us to use our minds to keep them alert and active. When we stay curious, ask questions, seek answers, explore new responsibilities, experience new things we help to keep an open mind. Learning how and when to let our minds rest is as important as keeping it active.

  • Tuesday we will practice wholistic love, explore our emotional well-being, practice compassion and maybe even laugh a bit.
Financial Well-being

We are called to be stewards in all aspects of our well-being. Good financial stewards make decisions based on their values, which is evident in the way they save, spend and share. This understanding of stewardship embraces resilience, sustainability and generosity.

  • Wednesday we will create a money autobiography. Claim our call to be stewards, and identify our next faithful step in living out “A Call to be Whole”. We will close with a Circle Blessing and Sending.


Friday, February 10 ~ Social/Interpersonal Well Being

  • 3:00p Check in, free time
  • 5:30p Dinner
  • 7:00p Welcome to Call to Be Whole
    • Icebreaker
    • “Where I’m From” Exercise
    • Prayer

Saturday, February 11 ~ Vocational Well-Being

  • 8:00a Breakfast
  • 9:00a Intro to Vocational Well-Being
    • Dwelling in the Word
    • “I Am” Exercise
    • Dependable Strengths
    • Values
    • Walk and Talk Break
  • 12:00p Lunch
  • 1:00p – 5:00p Free Time
    • Opportunity for community service
  • 5:30p Dinner
  • 7:00p Evening Gathering
    • Debrief
    • Music
    • Blessing of Hands Service

Sunday, February 12 ~ Spiritual Well-Being

  • 7:30a Open chapel for contemplation and meditation (optional)
  • 8:00a Breakfast
  • 9:00a Worship
  • 10:00 Walk and Talk Break
  • 10:15a – 11:30a Spiritual Autobiography
  • 11:30a – 12:00p Values
  • 12:00p Lunch
  • 1:00p – 5:00p Sabbath Practice, with options for
    • Islands of Silence
    • Painting
    • Journaling
    • Rest
    • Super Bowl party
  • 5:30p Dinner
  • 7:00p Evening Gathering
    • Debrief
    • Music
    • Prayer

Monday, February 13 ~ Physical Well-Being

  • 7:00a Stretch and Pray! Exercise led by Tammy Devine (optional)
  • 8:00a Breakfast
  • 9:00a Intro to Physical Well-Being
    • Dwelling in the Word
    • Care for Our Bodies, Care for Creation
    • Walk and Talk Break
    • What is a Labyrinth and how to walk a Labyrinth
  • 12:00p Lunch
  • 1:00p – 5:00p Focus on the Physical
    • Desert Walk with Elaine Averitt
    • Yoga Practice with Erica Vucich
    • Massage
    • Labyrinth
  • 5:30p Dinner
  • 7:00p Evening Gathering
    • Debrief
    • Music and Dancing
    • Prayer

Tuesday, February 14 ~ Emotional/Intellectual Well-Being

  • 8:00a Breakfast
  • 9:00a Intro to Emotional/Intellectual Well-Being
    • Dwelling in the Word
    • Connecting Heart and Head
    • Boundless Compassion
    • Walk and Talk Break
    • Laughter Yoga
  • 12:00p Lunch
  • 1:00p – 5:00p Free Time
  • 5:30p Valentines Dinner
  • 7:00p Evening Gathering
    • Debrief
    • Music
    • Prayer
    • Stargazing with Bruce Arlen of Cave Creek Dark Sky Initiative

Wednesday, February 15 ~ Financial Well-Being

  • 8:00a Breakfast and checkout
  • 9:00a Intro to Financial Well-Being with Andrea Arey
    • Money Autobiography
    • Living as Stewards ~ your takeaway
  • 11:30a Circle Blessing and Sending


Friday – Wednesday, February 10-15, 2023


Price per person:

  • One person, private room : $999 per person
  • Two people, two in a room : $825 per person
  • Three people, three in a room : $715 per person
  • Four people, four in a room : $650 per person
  • Commuter, program and meals w/o room : $500 per person

Price includes: Six days of programming, five nights lodging and 14 meals (5 breakfasts, 4 lunches, 5 dinners).

Guests may arrange with Spirit in the Desert to arrive early and depart late for an extra fee.


Click red button above, call 480.488.5218 or email info@spiritinthedesert.org to register.

All are welcome to this spiritual wholeness retreat at Spirit in the Desert Retreat Center in Carefree, Arizona!

Retreat Leaders

Tammy Devine is a Professional Certified Coach (ICF Certified), retreat facilitator, and ELCA Deacon—passionate about health, healing, and wholeness. As Principal of Devine Coaching, Tammy is a strategic and systemic whole person promoter of well-being, through education and inspiration. She collaborates with thought leaders to facilitate and motivate whole person lifestyle choices and serves as an external wellness consultant and coach to integrate well-being. 

Tammy completed the 2-year program at the Grace Institute for Spiritual Formation. She received her coach training through Auburn Theological Seminary and serves as a spiritual coach (ICF certified).

She earned a Master’s in Leadership from Luther Seminary. Tammy is a registered nurse (BA, Augustana University, Sioux Falls, SD) and has served as a parish nurse/coordinator.

Tammy’s Retreat Facilitation background

Some of the spiritual retreats Tammy has created and facilitated include: Exploring Transitions, a series of four retreats exploring personal life callings, passion, meaning, and purpose amidst a life of transitions; That You May Be Well, an introductory conversation and invitation to whole person well-being; Reflect, Renew, Recommit, a five-day retreat for discernment, rest, and connection with self, God and one another; Healthy Leaders Serving Healthier Communities, a space to identify gifts, develop missional leaders, listen for God’s direction through spiritual disciplines; Journey of Renewal, a year-long wellness experience that focuses on strength, opportunity, abundance and personal growth in understanding personal call to live well as whole people of God.

Tammy is well known to the Spirit community as a facilitator and worship leader of the Leading Well retreats for church leaders, and as a former board member.

Read more about Tammy Devine and Devine Coaching.

Andrea Arey is Portico Benefit Services‘ Regional Representative in the Western United Statues (Region 2). As such, Andrea’s position provides sponsors and members with information, education, and support to those who serve in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) and other faith based organizations. Andrea encourages wellness in all aspects of the Wholeness Wheel and looks for opportunities to teach and assist those she serves in leading healthy lives and achieving financial security.

Andrea has an extensive background in both stewardship and financial services, having served for three years as the Director of Stewardship Resources and Marketing with the ELCA Churchwide Organization. In the previous seven years, Andrea worked for Thrivent Financial for Lutherans.


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