Advent: Symbols of Presence

Advent: Symbols of Presence

Symbols of Presence: A virtual weekly program during the season of Advent that helps participants prepare to receive the Best. Gift. Ever.

O come, o come, Emmanuel!

Advent is the four-week season of preparation prior to Christmas. Decorations twinkle and glow. Holiday cheer abounds. Carols ring out from store to store. And we are reminded at every turn just how many shopping days are left before we disappoint our loved ones by failing to purchase for them The Best Gift Ever.

Then there is another kind of Advent, the kind that prepares our hearts to receive The Best Gift Ever. In this kind of Advent, signs of God-Coming-Here include fig trees and a mute old man, silent stones by the river and a young girl. Working with these symbols from scripture, we will look for signs of Christ’s Presence in ourselves, our neighbor, and the world. Through contemplation of and conversation about these symbols, we will prepare our hearts to receive The Best Gift Ever by training our eyes to see Christ in all kinds of places and tuning our ears to hear the Always Promise of God-With-Us.

Join facilitator Sheri Brown on Tuesdays at 10:00 AZ (MST). Four 30- to 45-minute programs.

Symbols and Prayer Themes
  • November 30: Week 1: Fig Tree / Await
  • December 7: Week 2: Zechariah / Accept
  • December 14: Week 3: Stone / Allow
  • December 21: Week 4: Mary / Attend
Weekly Program
  • Gathering: Opening song
  • Message: Brief message on the week’s symbol of Presence
  • Personal Reflection Prompt: Time for reflection. Contemplative music
  • Group Conversation Prompt: Time to share your thoughts with others
  • Advent Prayer Theme: Introduction of the week’s body/mind/spirit Advent practice
  • Closing Prayer: Lighting of the Advent candle

Daily Devotions during Advent

Spirit in the Desert offers an Advent-specific daily devotion via email beginning Sunday, November 28 and ending on Christmas Day. If you would like to receive a special devotional reflection by Pr. Steve Holm in your inbox each day during Advent, register here.