Zoe Leonard

Zoe Leonard

I grew up in the Pacific Northwest very close to the water on Puget Sound. We always had a bit of land and out of necessity grew, caught, or shot our food. We had a fairly large garden and chickens or beef in the back yard. I learned to plant, harvest, preserve, and cook from my mother and grandmother using what was available and making it taste amazing.

I have a master’s degree in counseling and spent many years working in mental health care facilities, but I longed for a career that brought joy to people. Five years ago, I ventured into catering and private chef work. I found that I had an intuitive sense of how to combine and serve amazing food.

Being in the kitchen is my happy place. I am frequently rewarded with a smile as a guest is transported to a childhood memory of warm baked bread and fresh butter or chocolate chip cookies with milk. My passion is to bring this joy and comfort for those who share and break bread with us at Spirit in the Desert.

Our goal for food service is to provide simple, hearty, and fresh food that is prepared with prayer and love. The meals are a part of the spiritual journey for our guests and the interaction at mealtimes with the staff reflect our own faith journeys. I am committed to my own personal growth and healing and desire to help others on their spiritual journey. The opportunity at Spirit in the Desert gave me a platform to live my passion and commitment to service. I am grateful!

Faith Mentor
Jim Hanson