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Drawn to the Word … Bringing the Word of God to Life Before Your Eyes!

Just a word from Paul about this retreat because some think it’s only for artists – they couldn’t be more wrong!!  Paul says:

Paul, pastor and Bible teacher, will use his artistic abilities to bring the stories of Scripture to life as he teaches them from the perspective of how they function in the Middle East, and in our hearing of the Word today.  You do not need any artistic ability to be a part of these sessions.  Instead, you will see the stories in with a renewed vision as Paul draws and paints aspects of each before your eyes, incorporating theological and Biblical insights along the way.  Paul will not “put you on the spot” but will allow you to participate (Biblically and/or artistically) at your own comfort level.  This will be an unforgettable experience!  Now you know the full story so don’t hesitate any longer – REGISTER TODAY  — we still have several rooms and always room for commuters!!

You don’t want to miss this 4-day 3-night retreat experience! Spirit in the Desert is honored to welcome Paul Oman, Artist & Pastor. He shares his Drawn to the Word artistic ministry with audiences ecumenically across the country. In this new Desert Sojourn Retreat offering, you will be a part of a ‘drawn to the word’ worship and artistic experience where Artist and Pastor will paint a larger-than-life-sized mural of Biblical stories, themes, poetry, music…right before your very eyes! These stories will unfold artistically, musically, narratively and Scripturally throughout the retreat. You are invited to fully participate as well! Paul seeks to give new vision to God’s Word for ALL people by using the process of painting to captivate audiences in our visually-oriented culture. Paul uses his gifts to proclaim the Gospel in unique and powerful ways that impact lives and inspire mission. To see Paul at work in his studio in Wisconsin, click on this link and watch the videos, peruse his paintings and murals, listen to the testimonies and then JOIN US … for a retreat that will “treat” your senses to beauty, wonder, inspiration, healing and renewal! Click here for the full brochure and all the details. Hope to see you there!