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Welcome to Desert Sojourn Retreats!

Spirit in the Desert is honored to welcome the “Paddle Pilgrim” – Rev. Dave Ellingson to host this February “Adventure of Faith” retreat!  Here’s a bit about our “Paddle Pilgrim” leader … Dave Ellingson has taught courses in spirituality, environmental ethics, human development, and youth ministry at Trinity Lutheran College in Everett, Wash. He is a Lutheran pastor, author, Master Gardner, former distance runner and triathlete, has a Doctorate in Holistic Health, is married and father of five grown children and admits from the earliest age his middle name has been activity!! He resides in Edmonds, WA. He has authored 6 books: Paddle Pilgrim: Kayaking the Fjords of Norway; Paddle Pilgrim: Kayaking the Erie Canal and Hudson River to the Statue of Liberty; Paddle Pilgrim: An Adventure of Spirit and Learning Kayaking the Mississippi River; Say What: A Fresh Look at Old Sayings; Biblical Wisdom for a Digital Age; and My Body, My Life.



What’s happening at this Adventure of Faith Retreat? Dave says: “We will explore various biblical journeys/pilgrimages/adventures such as: Moses, Miriam, Ruth, Esther, Job, Noah, Mary & Joseph, Jesus, Paul … as well as other “saints” such as: Saints Francis, Claire, Martin & Katrina Luther, MLK, Sojourner Truth  — both ancient and modern. We’ll make connections to journeys, pilgrimages and adventures of the retreat participants.”

We’ll have uplifting singing before each session, and continue the “participation” as you will design your “adventure” and your “faith hero/heroine!” Before the closing worship on the 13th, everyone will share their “next adventure” – which is fun, inspirational, community-building, and good for the body, mind and soul.

Evenings will include some of Dave’s exciting and very adventurous “kayak paddling videos” from the Mississippi, Erie Canal, Hudson Rivers, and Norway. And  the fun is the participants get to pick which one they want to see!  For the brochure click here for more info, including costs, current schedule, etc.


For Registration, please contact Cyndy Warnier, Program & Development Director (480) 488-5218 — cyndy@spiritinthedesert.org