Desert Sojourn Retreat

Desert Sojourn Retreat

Desert Sojourns are Spirit in the Desert sponsored retreats, and open to the public. All are welcome!

Sep 3 – 5, 2021

Healing of Memories Workshop for Women Veterans: A Desert Sojourn Retreat

HEALING OF MEMORIES WORKSHOP FOR WOMEN VETERANS A safe place for participants to explore personal histories and gain insight and empathy for themselves and others. This Institute for Healing of Memories workshop is a response to the emotional, psychological and spiritual wounds inflicted by war, human rights abuses and other life-changing traumatic circumstances. This life-changing workshop is proven to help participants learn ways to overcome anger, loss, grief and guilt. Not only is it a step on the journey to…
Jan 28 – 30, 2022

12 Tiny Things: A Desert Sojourn Retreat

The 12 TINY THINGS retreat helps you learn simple ways to live a more intentional life, ways to take lasting steps toward learning and growth.