An Evening of Jazz

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An Evening of Jazz

Friday evening, May 11, 2018 was jazz night at Spirit in the Desert. Bob Ravenscroft is a locally and nationally well-known jazz musician, composer, and recording artist. He was accompanied by his kindred spirit bassist, Dwight Kilian, who has played with the “who’s who” of famed jazz musicians. Together they delighted the crowd of more than sixty people with improvisational jazz.

Their first number was “Medley” from the album Love Song during which the audience began to hear the subtle outline of the hymn “It is Well with My Soul.” The music, which has been called the “Ravenscroft-style church hymn,” created a feeling of deep peace and oneness as the jazz improvisations wafted over the audience. More than a dozen works of music received enthusiastic applause.

Bob Ravenscroft served on the Board of Directors at Spirit in the Desert and he and his wife Gretchen have been Stakeholders in the center for many years. The concert was held in the Ravenscroft Chapel. Some years ago, Bob founded Music Serving the Word Ministries of which Dwight is the music director. The organization serves God’s Word through various types of music, media, and education.

The evening wrapped up with Bob & Dwight’s jazz rendition of “America the Beautiful” which brought the audience to their feet in applause. A free-will offering for veterans to attend a Healing of Memories retreat was taken followed by a wine and cheese reception. Attendees also brought food items for the local Foothills Food Bank and left the concert knowing they had listened to the finest jazz music while supporting the needs of their community.