Dedication in honor of Rev. Bob & Nancy Hutson!

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October 13 – Dedication of Island of Silence in Honor of Rev. Bob & Nancy Hutson

We gathered on a rather chilly and very wet morning on Saturday, October 13, 2018, not at the Island itself, which was the plan, but in the Board Bash Room which was out of the rain and warm and cozy…and of course, that’s where the food was! Over 40 people came to honor Bob and Nancy for the many ways they reached out into the community to make a difference. Bob was pastor at Christ the Lord Luther in Carefree, taking it from a Cave Creek Store Front to the beautiful church it is today on 9205 E Cave Creek Rd in Carefree. He was also a former Director of the Board at Spirit in the Desert and “THE VOICE” for the narration of the Kiwanis Annual Christmas Pageant–now in its 63rd year. Nancy helped establish Meals on Wheels, and they both worked tirelessly for Foothills Caring Corp, Habitat for Humanity, WHEAT Hunger walks, and so many community-building involvements we don’t even know about! It was our honor to share this day with Bob and Nancy and thank God for their caring hearts for others and celebrate the impact of their lives in this community.

Come and walk our Islands of Silence which are always open to the public. Their “island” is either the first one if you start from the bottom and then up, or the last one if you start from the top and go down! The tall 3″plus slab of flagstone from a quarry outside of Ashfork, AZ, is a single piece that came out of the ground that way; it was not cut which is very rare for a 305 pound slab of flagstone! The engraving depicts the Shepherd’s Staff and community circle, which says it all in regards to what Bob and Nancy have done for others.