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Books & Gifts

Visit Spirit in the Desert’s Bookstore and Gift Shop

The Book Store and Gift Shop at Spirit in the Desert is a resource for people on retreat, as well as for others from the local community. It is a book pantry of nourishing food for spirit and soul. Many of Spirit’s retreat leaders are authors and their books are stocked in the store.  There is a popular selection of books on theology, religion and spirituality.

Original greeting cards are available for all occasions with inspiring messages and including photos of the Southwest by Cyndy Warnier. You may also want to pick up a children’s book, a prayer stone, or booklet describing Sonoran Desert plants and animals. The store’s stained glass window adds to peaceful browsing.

BOOKSTORE-Joyce Rupp grouping

Joyce Rupp

Joyce Rupp is a world renown author and speaker, especially on the topic of Compassion, Grief, and Spirituality. Her books cross all faith practices and are widely accepted in the secular realm as well.

The latest feature is Prayer Seed – new in 2017, it is a best seller and has inspiration for every day, as well as seasonal and family celebrations. Poetry, stories – this master writer weaves a poignant and often humor-laced practical touch on daily life!

BOOKSTORE-Parker Palmer group

Parker Palmer

Parker Palmer created the Center for Courage & Renewal™ and is another favorite and global author and speaker. Spirit in the Desert provides space for his groups in training and we are always delighted to have him on our campus. Let Your Life Speak is a best-seller and for those in their 3rd Chapter of Life, a reminder that you still have much to learn and much to share!

BOOKSTORE-Social Justice+Peace Issues

Social Justice & Peace Issues

This is at the core of our ministry! We look for a variety of books by well-known authors that tackle the issues surrounding immigration, marginalized society, developing countries, and other peace and justice needs. Hope Runs by Claire Diaz Ortiz & Samuel Ikua Gachagua, is one of our most popular books. It is for all ages and a marvelous story of redemption and change.

Dealing With Illness

We carry a wide variety of books for those going through illness and those in the many stages of grieving. Topics are a wide variety! The new book, Cancer Is Funny: Keeping Faith in Stage-Serious Chemo,  by Jason Micheli, grabs people all the time and they buy it all the time!  This is a funny,

no-holds-barred, irreverent-yet-faithful take on a disease that touches every family. Micheli’s story teaches us all how to stay human in dehumanizing situations—how to keep living in the face of death.

BOOKSTORE-Arizona Corner

Our Arizona Corner

So many of our guests are new to Arizona and the beautiful Sonoran Desert where we live! We have books on plants, critters, and all-things desert, including desert spirituality, desert lore by writers such as Ed Abbey and Zane Grey, and poetry, prose, gifts like hand-made Saguaro walking sticks, etc. It is an ever-evolving corner to help you learn about our beautiful and unique surroundings! Always a big hit is our in-house produced Sonoran Desert 8-page full-color guide to plants, animals, climate—by the time you read it, you’ll be a “desert-dweller, too!”

BOOKSTORE-Variety choices for all readers

Variety of Choices for All Folks

People love stories of dogs, cats—animals! Also history, life-challenges and triumphs and so much more. You’ll find humor, touching stories, interesting history, etc. These shelves are “ever-changing” as books sell and new features come in. Right now, Homeless at Harvard by John Christopher Frame, has been quite the hit.

Photography Cards

Our Program & Development Director, Cyndy Warnier, is a shutter-bug! She loves the Sonoran Desert, in fact Arizona and all of creation. There are 5×7 cards for every occasion, each with original prose, some with Scripture verses or other quotes, and the back of the card always describes the object of the photograph. That is in keeping with the wise words of Ansel Adams, “Know thy subject!”  Postcards are also available.

BOOKSTORE-Variety choices for all readers

Book of the Month

This special feature is coming soon!