AMLC-VolunteersWe need your volunteer support to make Spirit in the Desert flourish! Listed below are job descriptions for volunteers. We have a lot to choose from and this list is by no means complete. In ministry, there is always something new popping up. So come and join us! We can promise you a few things:

  • The days are not boring or dull!
  • Our guests are awesome and you’ll love the interaction you may have with them.
  • We are “family” here. Our staff appreciates all volunteer help and will assist you in every way possible.
  • You will bless us with your presence and ideas‐‐we learn from one another.
  • You’ll catch the ministry spirit.
  • There isn’t a more beautiful place in the desert to work…and it’s cooler up here!

Volunteer Positions

Congregational Ambassador

This is a new program we would like to implement and we need your help to do it. We need AMBASSADORS in your congregation!

Duties Include:

  • Getting Spirit marketing materials to your church.
  • Hang posters in your hall. Distribute materials.
  • Put information about upcoming Spirit in the Desert events in your church bulletin or newsletter.
  • Keep your Congregation up to date on Spirit happenings.

Time Commitment :

Meet at Spirit once every three months for a luncheon, networking with other Ambassadors and Spirit Staff and learn what is new at Spirit. We will provide all marketing materials to you.

We will also need to be in touch with you on a monthly basis to update you on Events and programs. We can email, mail and telephone you with information, whatever you prefer. The monthly time commitment for this would be approximately 2 hours (no need to travel to Spirit campus).

Contact Cathy to volunteer (fantastic food for all volunteers)

Mailing Coordinator

Needed when we do Appeal letters, Newsletter, Devotional, Invitation, or Specialized Marketing Mailing.

Duties include:

  • Monitoring copy machine; remove print batches as needed
  • Stuffing envelopes
  • Glue stick sealing envelopes
  • Running envelopes through postage meter

 Time Commitment:

Dependant on the type of mailing. Could be anywhere from one to three days; approximately 4 hours per day.

Contact Cathy to volunteer (fantastic food for all volunteers)

Call Associate

Needed on an on‐going basis to make phone calls.

Duties include:

  • Sales calls to former Guests, advising them of special price promotions.
  • Cold calls to new Congregations introducing ourselves and advising of special price promotions

 Time Commitment:

We are flexible and will take whatever you would like to give us! Best schedule would be one day per week for approximately 3‐4 hours a day.

Contact Cathy to volunteer (fantastic food for all volunteers)

Landscaping Helper

It’s pretty easy to get over‐grown and weedy on this size campus. We’re looking for physically able volunteers to help us keep our grounds beautiful and inviting.

Duties include:

  • Pruning
  • Pulling weeds
  • Raking
  • Nothing too strenuous

 Time Commitment:

Whatever you are willing to give us!