3rd Chapter of Life

third_chapter_logoPerhaps you’re finished building your career…Maybe you’ve just retired….Or, the children you’ve raised have left the nest.

Each of these scenarios represents a transitional period in life, the start of a new chapter – the 3rd Chapter — in your life’s journey. You might find yourself asking, “What’s Next?”
Now is the time to write your 3rd Chapter of Life.

This period of transition, as roles and responsibilities shift, offers both opportunities and challenges. It can be a time to broaden our vision and renew our calling from God, identifying the meaning and purpose of our lives apart from careers and family roles.

The focus of the 3rd Chapter of Life ministry at Spirit in the Desert Retreat Center is on growing whole, not old.

This transition also can trigger feelings of loneliness and significantly raises the risk of depression. In fact, retirement may increase your risk of clinical depression by 40 percent while raising your chances of being diagnosed with a physical condition by 60 percent.  Retirement increases the chance for alcohol and drug abuse primarily because of sense of loss of meaning and purpose. Spirit in the Desert Retreat Center established the 3rd Chapter of Life ministry as our signature programmatic focus. Inspiring retreats help people renew their callings from God, giving them the meaning and purpose they need to live purposeful, significant and happy lives during this exciting leg of life’s journey.

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Many 3rd Chapter of Life programs take place at Spirit in the Desert Retreat Center